5 Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

The biggest reason why I’m a morning person is that I love breakfasts too much to skip them. Would you call me crazy if I tell you I fall asleep thinking about what to eat when I wake up? Having a nutritious breakfast gives you the energy for the day, as well as a great mood because we all know how food cheers you up. Check out these easy and tasty breakfast ideas that I repeat on a weekly basis:


5 Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

Seriously, oats are my comfort foods forever. Sometimes I just want something warm and sweet to wake up my stomach, especially in the winter. The best part about oats? You’ll never get tired of them because you can always change the flavor by switching different ingredients. My signature bowl? Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, and some nuts like cashews and almonds. I would add an extra egg for the protein, give it a try!

Ham and egg sandwich

5 Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

I always start my Monday with this sandwich because it’s easy to make and can keep me full for the busy Monday mornings. I would heat two slices of whole grain bread in the toaster, fry an egg and a slice of ham in the pan, then add some tomato slices and a pinch of spinach, finally sprinkle some Trader Joe’s Everything but the bagel sesame seasoning. Want to make it better? Try not to fully cook the egg, so the liquid yolk gives a better taste.


5 Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

Do people ever get tired of toasts? Not me! Since on most days I can’t decide between sweet or savory, I just have them both. One toast of almond or peanut butter with bananas, another with avocado, eggs, and spinach. I like it not only because it’s easy, but also because it’s a balanced meal since carbs, protein, and vegetables are all included! I literally take a bite of each slice and switch between them. Do you do the same?


5 Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

Trust me when I say omelet is easy to make because it only takes me less than 10 mins every time. I would make an omelet when I don’t feel like eating carbs in the morning. After heating the pan, throw all the ingredients such as pepper, mushroom, arugula, cheese, and bacon (create your own!) in there and cook till soft, then pour in the whisked eggs and flip once. If you want it to be fluffy, adding some milk to the eggs and flip before it gets brown.


5 Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

I used to order pancakes every time I went out for brunch, but ever since I mastered the skill of making pancakes, I make them at home every Wednesday. Why my version is better? I add chocolate protein powder for the chocolate flavor and the protein. And I can control the amount of syrup or cream to make it a clean meal. I would post more about how to make pancakes, but for now, I want to let you know that pancakes can be healthy and delicious at the same time.

Ever drilling over some Instagram pictures of perfect toasts or oatmeal bowls while eating a granola bar for breakfast? This can change now! You don’t have to use ten ingredients in a bowl or five layers to make a sandwich, follow your guts (literally guts and stomach) and create your own plate. Hope you enjoy every beautiful morning with the food you love!


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