Best Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe

I’ve always been the “It’s not a sandwich if there’s no ham in it” kind of person, but the other day I run out of ham, so I took a chance and used the California Veggie Burger instead. And it blew my mind. 

Anyone can put together a sandwich, but I want to write this recipe to show you this fantastic combo if you haven’t tried it. Also, just to showcase how easy it is to put together a homemade sandwich for a snack or breakfast, so the next time you want to grab some “bad snacks,” give this sandwich a try!

Best Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe


Two slices of whole wheat bread

Half a tomato

Half an avocado

Everything but the bagel sesame seasoning

One California Veggie Burger

An egg

One/half piece of a Cheddar cheese



1.    Apply the avocado evenly to the bread (If you want a better flavor, try adding some lemon juice and cilantro to the avocado spread, but I’m being lazy here)

Best Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe

2.    Add some milk, sugar, and salt to the egg before scrambling it. Don’t overcook the eggs and don’t flip it, so the egg stays fluffy. (Only if you like the raw yolk taste)

Best Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe

3.    Heat both sides of the burger each for one minute then reheat one side for an extra minute, so it tastes a little bit of burned and crispy on one side and soft on the other.

Best Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe

4.    Put the tomato, spinach, burger, and eggs on the bread, and sprinkle the seasoning.

Best Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe

5.    Tear the cheese apart then add cheese inside the layers. Heat it for one more minute till the cheese melts.

Best Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe
Best Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe

6.    Eat like a monster.

The whole process only takes up to 15 minutes, and it’s easier than putting together a Lego piece. Let me know if you like this combo!

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