How to Stay on Track While Traveling

With the Spring break coming up, many of you are traveling to new countries to experience new stuff and try new food. It’s very exciting, but it can also become troubling if you are worried about losing your progress.  Traveling also means eating not so healthy food and not being consistent with the workouts. However, with a little creativity and consciousness, you can stay on track with your fitness routine without ruining the trip or losing your progress. Here are some of the ideas:


Drinking enough water is already hard for many people on a daily basis, not to mention when you are traveling. Hydration is the ultimate cure for various kinds of discomforts whether it’s a sore throat because of the changing weather or gut problem that can be pretty annoying. Set the alarm on your phone to remind you to drink water and always remember to carry a bottle of water with you. It’s especially important if you are going to drink alcohol, as the water can clean your guts and release the toxins faster.

How to stay on track while traveling
I carry my bottle everywhere

Make sure you have enough proteins

Between the flights and places to visit, it’s easy to grab something on the go or walk all day without eating a proper meal. That’s why I always have protein bars with me while I’m traveling. I’m not a huge fan of replacing meals with snacks, but during trips, these protein snacks keep you full and make sure you get enough proteins. Also, if I’m traveling for more than a week, I’m definitely bringing my egg boiler. It’s easy to carry around, and it only takes five minutes to cook eggs. Having a nice breakfast with eggs is my way of staying on the routine.

How to stay on track while traveling
Alcohol tastes better with protein, right?

Plan your diet

It sounds kind of cruel to plan the diet when traveling, but it’s a smarter way to make sure you get the best out of the city and eat properly. I don’t mean calculating calories in a rigorous way, but to arrange and organize the restaurant plan in a more rational way. For example, if I had pastries for breakfast, I would try to get more vegetables and proteins to balance out the carbs. During my trip to Seattle last year, my friend and I ended up eating whole Foods plates for two nights in a row because we craved vegetables so bad. Oh and remember to travel with someone who has the same eating taste and habit as you.

How to stay on track while traveling
Find a friend who craves Whole Foods as much as you

Free events

Whether it’s Airbnb Experiences, Eventbrite, or Meetup, these event-finding apps offer tons of fitness events in every city that you can take advantage of. All you need to do is to pack workout clothes with you and search on the apps a day or two beforehand. One thing I like about these events is that I can meet local people who will share their favorite spots in the city. Some of the events may not be free, but the entrance fee is usually pretty low, so between all the food and booze, sign up for a yoga session or a hiking experience to get the body moving during your trip.

How to stay on track while traveling

Take advantage of the ready-to-eat Things

The world has become a better place because of instant oats and salad kits, as well as everything in Trader Joe’s. If I’m staying at a friend’s home for more than a few days, I would first make a stop at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to get myself some low-sugar instant oats, salad kits, grilled chicken strips, frozen vegetables, and low-fat Greek yogurts. These ready-to-eat foods are useful for people having a busy work life as well! Just like how you feel safe having a familiar face in a party, your gut wants something familiar when you are traveling so that it can perform normally.

I used to get so much anxiety when I was traveling that I couldn’t even enjoy the trip because it’s so hard to stay on track with the workouts and my routine. Now I understand that my body is not going to punish me for not going to the gym or binge-eating pastries for a short time.

How to stay on track while traveling

I realize as long as I get enough nutrients and be active throughout the day, staying on track can take on a whole new meaning. What matters is I use this time to give myself a break and enjoy my life!

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