The Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends in 2019

Health nuts and fitness professionals are always on the pursuit of fresh ideas to stay active and spice up the workouts. From trendy diets to technology, to new exercises, and even to the wellness mindset, there are always new trends popping up that amaze us. Four months into 2019, are you feeling tired of your fitness routine and ready to break your New Year resolution?

If so, don’t give up yet. Check out the top 10 health and fitness trends in 2019 to see if anything here can ignite your passion again, based on findings from ACSM and ACE, as well as my predictions!

Intuitive eating

Our society has been dieting for so long that we forget how good food can make us feel. As The Atlantic addresses it, America is sick of the shame and fear around food. Where there’s repression, there are rebels. Advocating “No food is bad food” and “Food is fuel,” many dietitians and fitness pros are promoting intuitive eating as the new eating principle. As more people embrace their love for food and share their stories of a good relationship with food, eating intuitively may take over the restricting diets. I mean, who doesn’t want to be told to indulge your desire for food rather than strangle them?

The Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends in 2019


You know how there are always students in your class who never study until the night before the exam, mini-cut is like that in my opinion because people usually do it when they have a photoshoot or an island trip coming up. Almost the same as a cut, a mini-cut needs you to be more aggressive in a shorter time like 2 to 6 weeks.

Just like how grinding has been slowly abandoned in the startup world, fitness professionals are embracing less painful ways to become fit and stay fit. Work hard and work smarter don’t contradict, and mini-cut is the example of how people work hard in a smart way. Keeping up with the trend of intuitive eating and stronger > leaner, mini-cut is going to be around for a long time because it lets you be easy on yourself, eat to perform for most of the days in a year but still makes sure you get results.

Food sensitivity test

Gut health has always been a big deal. Though sometimes lactose-intolerant or gluten-free diets are mentioned in jokes and memes, food intolerances do exist, and people do suffer from them. Now with the development of technology, it’s possible to find out exactly what’s irritating your gut and to save you from bloating, nausea, and constipation.

The Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends in 2019

Would you do it? I know I might. An article by Erman Misirliso talked about how as technology reveals deeper facts about our personal identities, we need to rethink about what we want to know and how to use the information. Though it may remain as a controversial topic, the fact that humans like to know more about themselves makes me believe that more people will take the test, but what they will do with the information, we will never know.

Intermittent Fasting

It seems like every year there’s an “it diet” that everybody is using. Like how Whole 30 took over the world last year, Intermittent Fasting has been winning over the hearts of fitness professionals as well as celebrities on the internet. Just search for “I tried Intermittent Fasting” on Google and YouTube, and you will be surprised by how many people are doing it and seeing results like less inflammation and weight loss.

The Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends in 2019

Intermittent Fasting is more of a choice of lifestyle rather than a diet because it doesn’t restrict your calories intake or the type of food you eat. I tried it at first to see what’s the hype about, but it actually cured my stomach problem and gut health. So I will continue incorporating it into my lifestyle.

Group classes

Gyms are always going to be here, but we have seen the growing popularity of group fitness classes year after year. Friends who sweat together, stay together, fitness classes are the new ways of making friends, networking, even dating. It is about how people need a community of support to motivate themselves, and it’s also about personal relationships. People come for the workout, but stay for the instructors. It hurts more than losing money if I didn’t get into a SoulCycle or a Rumble class with my favorite trainer. As we expect more trendy workouts and celebrity trainers pop up, group fitness classes are here to stay!

The Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends in 2019

Tracking technology

I don’t own any wearable devices because I’m suspicious of the accuracy of the statistics (anti-big data person). However, sometimes I do find myself wondering about my heart rate and consumed calories to better reach my goals. According to Forbes, worldwide wearables sales will grow by an average of 20 percent each year over the next five years, and that of smartwatches alone will rise to 140 million in 2022.

The Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends in 2019

As the data-driven trend takes over every industry, fitness people will keep up to train smartly and take the workout game to the next level with the help of technology like smartwatch and Fitbit. Wearable technology has actually been named as the No.1 fitness trend for 2019 by ACSM.

Functional training

Functional training is a form of training that mostly consists of compound exercises to help your body function better as a whole. By focusing on unilateral movements, functional training can help to improve balance, mobility, coordination, and strength, allowing you to perform better in everyday activities and prevent unexpected injuries.

The Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends in 2019

For me, as I progress in the fitness journey, I’m looking for ways to improve my athletic performance. And functional training can make it happen for me. As more and more friends around me have become CrossFit addicts, I believe this showcases how the mindset is transferring from looking good to feeling strong.

Fitness knowledge and certification  

The fitness and personal training industry have been growing rapidly over the past few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. A CNN report shows that the demand for personal trainers is expected to increase 24 percent by 2022. 

Apart from getting certified, people today like to know what they are doing in fitness with the help of proven methods and results. With information being readily available on the internet and media disintermediation, anyone can become an expert in any field, fitness included. With more people realizing the importance of leveraging science into their life and workouts, the democratization of fitness knowledge will only grow stronger.

The Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends in 2019

For me, it was the desire to perform better by understanding sports sciences that got me into personal training initially. I saw my training results improve rapidly after I learned and incorporated kinesiology and nutrition into my routine. As more fitness influencers like Stephanie Buttermore (She’s my favorite) are citing research papers in their fitness content, we might see an increased level of interest of professional fitness knowledge from the overall public. And that’s excellent news. People with muscles have power, knowledge is also power, what happens when you give bodybuilders knowledge, right?


As people adopt more intense workouts in a shorter time, there’s a growing need to relax and refresh their body. We all know we need to stretch and rest, but we don’t know how and we tend to skip them. However, the popularity of cryotherapy, Hyperice massage guns, as well as recovery-based studios such as Stretch*d, Tone House’s recovery workshops, ReCOVER is the sign that people are taking recovery more seriously now. Once people realize how good it feels to truly relax the body, and how their body performs better after a recovery, they will come back asking for more. So not only will people give more shares of their workout time to recover, but they will also help boost the recovery-based studios and classes.

The Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends in 2019

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

High Intensity Interval Training has also been gaining popularity in the last few years. It delivers results such as improving your metabolic healthy and athletic performance, as well as an extended calorie-burning period by varying the intensity during intervals. As a type A person, I like how a HIIT gets my heart rate up quickly and boosts my productivity in the gym.

The Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends in 2019

The efficiency of HIIT makes sure it continues to evolve as people seek a shorter workout time with maximum result. Interestingly, we will also see more fitness merge workouts incorporating HIIT such as HIIT Pilates or Cardio yoga.

It may be tempting to follow the trends, but the more important thing is to incorporate them smartly to better achieve your fitness and health goals. No matter how things change, one thing that we can be certain about is that the active and healthy lifestyle never dies.

Hail Health!

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